Freya – Elegant envelope shaped invitation with glitter highlight


Elegant and sophisticated, this wedding invitation enchants with its central glitter band, opening up to a personalised, detailed journey from ceremony to celebration. Customise each panel to suit your style, inviting guests to partake in the love and joy of your special day.

Please note: Images are for illustrative purposes. All our invitations are hand made and fully customisable in order to suit your wedding theme. After purchase we will be in touch to discuss your options or feel free to arrange a consultation prior to purchase and we can discuss your needs.



Encounter the allure of timeless sophistication with this wedding invitation, a masterpiece of design that seamlessly incorporates a touch of glamour with its central glitter band. As your guests hold the invitation, they are met with an elegant exterior that hints at the grandeur within. Upon opening, the invitation gradually reveals the thoughtful layers of your wedding narrative, each panel beautifully unfolding to present the details of your special day.

Crafted from premium cardstock, the invitation’s tactile quality invites touch, while the glitter band catches the light, promising a day of celebration and splendour. The interior of the suite is a testament to your journey, with space dedicated to the ceremony details, the anticipation of the dinner menu, and a personal honeymoon wish. Every word, every embellishment, is an invitation to share in the love and unity of your marriage.

Our customisation service ensures that the invitation reflects your unique love story. Tailor the suite with your chosen colours, fonts, and wording to make it resonate with your wedding theme. The invitation suite becomes not just a beacon of your forthcoming union but a keepsake that will be treasured by your guests. From the first glance to the last detail, it is an embodiment of your commitment and style, an opening chapter to the celebration of your love that awaits.

Customise Your Invitations

At Invitations by Kerry, we understand that your wedding invitation is the prologue to the story of your special day. It's why we offer fully customisable invitations, ensuring that every detail resonates with your personal style and wedding theme. From the luxurious feel of the card stock to the vibrant hues that set the tone, each element is open to your selection. Our diverse palette of colours, meticulously curated, ensures that the ribbon, glitter card, and even the laser cuts complement your vision for the day.

Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of matte finishes or the subtle sheen of pearlescent papers, our customisation process invites you to indulge your preferences. We embrace the uniqueness of every couple, offering a bespoke service that tailors each aspect of your invitation suite to your desires. With our customisable options, we don't just invite your guests—we announce your wedding in a way that's quintessentially you.

Delivery Information

Choosing Invitations by Kerry will mean all of your stationery will be handmade, and we will be with you every step of the way!

Samples will be dispatched within 2 business days, delivery is calculated at the checkout. Please note, delivery is subject to stock. In the event of any delays, you will be contacted.

Other purchases will be dispatched within 3-4 weeks, delivery is calculated at the checkout. Tracked mailing/courier will be used.

Laser cut items will be dispatched within 5-6 weeks, delivery is calculated at the checkout. Tracked mailing/courier will be used.

The above timeframes are subject to information being given at the start of the design process.

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Due to all items being personalised, we do not accept returns. If for any reason there is an issue with your order, please get in touch.

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